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I'm trying to find the correct repository location to connect to my SVN project on the server via IP address using Zend Studio 9 for the first time.

I have setup the repository in /var/www/accountname/rep and the project in /var/www/accountname/web.

Zend however requires an http:// location for the repository location, where I would otherwise connect via:

svn ls svn+ssh://root@xx.xxx.xxx.xx/var/www/accountname/web

Note: I am not using a domain with this IP address, and /var/www/accountname/web/httpdocs is the public html folder.

If I use http://xx.xxx.xxx.xx/var/www/accountname/web as the repository location though, putting in User and Password details, I get the error:

svn: PROPFIND of /var/www/accountname/web 405 Method Not Allowed

Would anyone be able to advise me on what format of repository url location/how I could use to set this connection up in Zend please?

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I figured the problem out in the end; I was able to submit a url in Zend in the format


I will leave this question here in case other users have the same issue.


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