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  • I'm using redis. The database is < 100 MB.
  • However, I want to make daily backups.
  • I'm also running on Ubuntu Server 12.04

When type in:

redis-cli save

I don't know where dump.rdb is saved to (since redis is started as a service and not in my local directory).


  1. How do I find where redis is saving my dump.rdb to?
  2. Is there someway that I can specify a filename to 'save', so I type in something like:

    redis-cli save ~/db-2012-06-24.rdb


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You can set the file location on the redis.conf file (which you start the server with) look at the server configuration for that:

# The filename where to dump the DB
dbfilename dump.rdb

finding the location of the currently saved file, it depends on how you start the server - where you have the redis-server file - i think you can find it with ps -e aux | grep redis or ps -e | grep redis

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One liner to get both directory and dump file name

echo "CONFIG GET *" | redis-cli | grep -e "dir" -e "dbfilename" -A1
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On my (default, Ubuntu) setup the db file is in


As Christoffer points out, you can see all the settings from the command-line client with

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Do you know the default location for the db file on CEntOS? – Nathan Basanese Dec 6 '15 at 8:44

To be a little more helpfull... How to find or set where redis is saving the dump.rdb file (ubuntu server): First find you redis.conf file: In your terminal run:

ps -e aux | grep redis

I found my redis.conf file in:


If yours is the same place then open the file with:

pico var/etc/redis/redis.conf

Look for:

# The filename where to dump the DB
dbfilename dump.rdb

# The working directory.
# The DB will be written inside this directory, with the filename specified
# above using the 'dbfilename' configuration directive.
# Also the Append Only File will be created inside this directory.
# Note that you must specify a directory here, not a file name.
dir /var/lib/redis

Depending on your setting for "dbfilename" and "dir" then that is where you find your redis dump.rdb file.

Update: To see your redis configurations just run:

redis-cli CONFIG GET *
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// , redis -cli CONFIG GET * only shows the filename, dump.rdb, not the folder it's in. You should see a value for dir in redis -cli CONFIG GET *. Don't be a 'clever' bloke and set dir to ./ in the redis.conf. – Nathan Basanese Dec 7 '15 at 16:36

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