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Currently, when building with happstack, I have to recompile my project, relaunch my .exe binary (in windows) every time I make a change to my template or source code.

Is there some tools that can automate this, like what Yesod or Snap has?

P.S.: Here is my issue about this on happstack bug tracker.

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The canonical way to do this is with happstack-plugins; there's some old documentation in this blog post. This package could use some love though, in particular it calls ghc directly without talking to cabal, so getting it to work with cabal-dev requires setting GHC_PACKAGE_PATH manually and if you're using cabal properties like hs-source-dirs or extensions you have to configure plugins to pass the right flags to ghc...

Another option if you're on Linux is to install inotify-tools and write a make task like this one.

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Thanks, but I am using windows. Also, cabal-dev is PITA to install, why can't we make do without it? Snap does it somehow. –  drozzy Jun 25 '12 at 13:49
Well, the maintainer of Happstack doesn't use cabal-dev himself, and happstack-plugins works better without it. So sure, there's no hard requirement on cabal-dev; I just use it myself. Unfortunately I know little about Windows, not sure how much help I can be there. –  Dag Jun 25 '12 at 18:15

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