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I have been using Turbogears 1 for prototyping small sites for the last couple of years and it is getting a little long in the tooth. Any suggestions on making the call between upgrading to Turbogears 2 or switching to something like Django? I'm torn between the familiarity of the TG community who are pretty responsive and do pretty good documentation vs the far larger community using Django. I am quite tempted by the built-in CMS features and the Google AppEngine support.

Any advice?



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I have experience with both Django and TG1.1.

IMO, TurboGears strong point is it's ORM: SQLAlchemy. I prefer TurboGears when the database side of things is non-trivial.

Django's ORM is just not that flexible and powerful.

That being said, I prefer Django. If the database schema is a good fit with Django's ORM I would go with Django.

In my experience, it is simply less hassle to use Django compared with TurboGears.

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TG2 is built on top of Pylons which has a fairly large community as well. TG got faster compared to TG1 and it includes a per-method (not just web pages) caching engine. I think it's more AJAX-friendly than Django by the way pages can be easly published in HTML or JSON .

2011 update: after 3 years of bloated frameworks I'm an happy user of

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I have been using Django for a year now and when I started I had no experience of Python or Django and found it very intuitive to use.

I have created a number of hobbyist Google App Engine apps using Django with the latest one being a CMS for my site. Using Django has meant that I have been able to code a lot quicker and with a lot less bugs.

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Am sure you would have read from plenty of comparison between TurboGears and DJango on web.

But as for your temptation on CMS and GAE, i can really think you got to go DJango way. Check these out, and decide youself.

Django with GAE

Django for CMS

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TG2 seem much complicated and confusing, even for doing somewhat simple like a login page with multimple error messages How to extend the Turbogears 2.1 login functionality I think thats because of intemperance in modularity...

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Ive only got one the app you are developing directed towards social networking or customized business logic?

I personally find Django is good for social networking and pylons/turbogears if you really want the flexibility and no boundaries...

just my 2c

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"I personally find Django is good for social networking" Pointlessly specific. No. – Robert Grant Mar 25 '15 at 13:32

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