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The experience I want is:

  1. User clicks "Sign Up"
  2. Some asynchronous server stuff happens (checks & validations. Whatever)
  3. Upon completion of the required asynchronous server stuff the Facebook / Twitter / whatever auth dialogs pop up.

Couple of things that make this hard:

  1. The social popup widgets must be in a popup. They cannot be inside of an iframe.
  2. Popup blockers will block any window.open code that's not in the immediate function of a click handler
  3. window.open Code from a standard ajax callback handler will be blocked by popup blockers.
  4. A synchronous ajax request is being deprecated in jQuery 1.8

Any ideas?

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This is a common and long-lamented problem. Though jQuery may be deprecating synchronous AJAX, you could always use a non-jQuery AJAX request. Another possibility would be a refactor where the following takes place:

  1. User clicks "Sign Up"
  2. Script calls window.open to a local URI
  3. Popup appears and runs the "checks & validations" while loading
  4. If there is a validation error, popup sends error to parent and closes itself
  5. If not, local page in popup redirects to FB/Twitter OAuth flow

If that's possible, I suggest that. If not, async: false (or writing your own very simple cross-browser XHR wrapper) is still the best way.

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