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I have just switched to rails from padrino/sinatra so the routing stuff puzzles me.

I have defined,

  namespace :admin do
    resources :teachers, :students, :lessons

in my routes.rb file, and when i run rake routes command it gives me,

    admin_teachers GET    /admin/teachers(.:format)          admin/teachers#index
                   POST   /admin/teachers(.:format)          admin/teachers#create
 new_admin_teacher GET    /admin/teachers/new(.:format)      admin/teachers#new
edit_admin_teacher GET    /admin/teachers/:id/edit(.:format) admin/teachers#edit
     admin_teacher GET    /admin/teachers/:id(.:format)      admin/teachers#show
                   PUT    /admin/teachers/:id(.:format)      admin/teachers#update
                   DELETE /admin/teachers/:id(.:format)      admin/teachers#destroy
    admin_students GET    /admin/students(.:format)          admin/students#index
                   POST   /admin/students(.:format)          admin/students#create
 new_admin_student GET    /admin/students/new(.:format)      admin/students#new
edit_admin_student GET    /admin/students/:id/edit(.:format) admin/students#edit
     admin_student GET    /admin/students/:id(.:format)      admin/students#show
                   PUT    /admin/students/:id(.:format)      admin/students#update
                   DELETE /admin/students/:id(.:format)      admin/students#destroy
     admin_lessons GET    /admin/lessons(.:format)           admin/lessons#index
                   POST   /admin/lessons(.:format)           admin/lessons#create
  new_admin_lesson GET    /admin/lessons/new(.:format)       admin/lessons#new
 edit_admin_lesson GET    /admin/lessons/:id/edit(.:format)  admin/lessons#edit
      admin_lesson GET    /admin/lessons/:id(.:format)       admin/lessons#show
                   PUT    /admin/lessons/:id(.:format)       admin/lessons#update
                   DELETE /admin/lessons/:id(.:format)       admin/lessons#destroy

The problem is, i can't figure out how to respond a request to admin/students#update? I know how to respond to admin#teachers, in my admin controller i create a teachers function. But how to respond to admin/teachers/index? Or maybe where to respond? In which file? In which function or class?

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For admin/students#update Rails will look for the action here:

class Admin::StudentsController < ApplicationController
  def update
    # update here

You can generate this file with:

rails generate controller admin/students update

Which will write to:

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is there a generator for this? and where should i put this in a new file? –  gkaykck Jun 24 '12 at 23:12

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