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Is there a plugin or an easy (semi-automated) way of adding "Next" and "Previous" links to a Redmine wiki page that is part of a sequence of pages (in my case, it's for a sequential tutorial)?

I guess the core problem here is that wiki's are not generally designed for making multi-page tutorials or am I missing something?

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AFAIK there is no automagic way of doing this, there are to ways you could implement it,

Link directly

You could always link to a wiki page directly by it's name, like


or decorate the page link with a description;

[[Page_1|< < Previous]]

Will show as < < Previous

Use Parent-Child relationships

On a newly created page, goto Rename and choose a parent Wiki page. That willl display a breadcrumb bar allowing backwards navigation. The page(s) will also show as child page(s) if you want to list all Wiki pages on Index By Title.


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(Tips appreciated if there is some way of making a plugin for this as I need the feature myself) –  Oskar Emil Jun 25 '13 at 9:23

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