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I am new to fetching, in code where it says div[class="movies]/div/a I am trying to fetch all the tags with /a after div it is only fetching only one, plz help me understand how to fetch all.



function scraping_IMDB($url) {
    // create HTML DOM
    $html = file_get_html($url);

    // get title/
    $ret['Title'] = $html->find('**div[class="movies]/div/a**', 0)->innertext;

    // get rating
    $ret['Rating'] = $html->find('div[class="DataWhite"] b', 0)->innertext;

    // get overview
    foreach($html->find('div[class="DataWhite"]') as $div) {
        // skip user comments
        if($div->find('h5', 0)->innertext=='User Comments:')
            return $ret;

        $key = '';
        $val = '';

        foreach($div->find('*') as $node) {
            if ($node->tag=='h5')
                $key = $node->plaintext;
            if ($node->tag=='a' && $node->plaintext!='more')
                $val .= trim(str_replace("\n", '', $node->plaintext));

            if ($node->tag=='text')
                $val .= trim(str_replace("\n", '', $node->plaintext));

        $ret[$key] = $val;

    // clean up memory

    return $ret;

// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// test it!
$ret = scraping_IMDB('');

foreach($ret as $k=>$v)
    echo '<strong>'.$k.' </strong>'.$v.'<br>';
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I'm not 100% clear on what the code should be, but it's the "0" that's the problem.

// get title/
$ret['Title'] = $html->find('**div[class="movies]/div/a**', 0)->innertext;


// get title/
$ret['Title'] = $html->find('**div[class="movies]/div/a**')->innertext;

This will find all of the divs with class 'movies'. Because when you have ",0" it will only find the first. You will then need to iterate over the output of this like is done with the DataWhite class objects.

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no I had tired tht too. doesn't look like tht is the problem <br> btw this is original code <br> $ret['Title'] = $html->find('**div[class="movies]/div/a**', 0)->innertext; – user635600 Jun 29 '12 at 20:33

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