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In this example:

<script id="my-template" type="text/html">
  I think that <%= showMessage() %>

MyView = Backbone.Marionette.ItemView.extend({
  template: "#my-template",

  templateHelpers: {
    showMessage: function(){
      return this.name + " is the coolest!"


model = new Backbone.Model({name: "Backbone.Marionette"});
view = new MyView();
view.render(); //=> "I think that Backbone.Marionette is the coolest!";

I've tried analyzing this code and based on my understanding of Backbone, you have to specify which model the view is associated with. I tried understanding Marionette views and I don't know which part of the docs or in this example shows how the view knew that this refers to the newly created model. Or is this just a typo?

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There's an error in that example. It should show this:

model = new Backbone.Model({name: "Backbone.Marionette"});

view = new MyView({
  model: model

view.render(); //=> "I think that Backbone.Marionette is the coolest!";

I'll update the docs to fix this

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ah i was hoping it was that. if it wasn't i'd be really confused. thanks for the quick reply! –  corroded Jun 25 '12 at 14:46

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