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I have a javascript function that can create either a yaml string. I then put that yaml string into a hidden_field in my form so that when the form is submitted the string is loaded into a database column. My problem is then cleanly reading the column and putting the yml representation a ruby array of hashes. Part of what I have to deal with is that the \r\n are stored as text in the db column. Yes I played with serializing the column but since the hidden_field is text...

I can't find a clean way to do this. My yaml string looks roughly like this:

  title: foo
    rating: awful
    words: 1000
  title: bar
    rating: fun
    words: 3
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It's a bad idea to accept arbitrary YAML from the client. Might want to JSON encode that and convert on the server-side instead. –  coreyward Jun 25 '12 at 1:52
I understand and agree. I have vastly simplified what is really going on here to focus on my question. –  Matthew Doering Jun 25 '12 at 14:51

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This is not a good architecture. Your YAML represents an object and should be stored as an object with attributes. Storing serialized data (yes YAML counts as serialized) is a bad practice.

Ruby deals with YAML easily

If you are on ruby 1.8.X, you'll need the psych gem



require 'rubygems' #necessary only for 1.8.X
require 'yaml'

##Load a YAML string into a ruby Hash
ruby_hash = YAML.load(my_yaml_string)

##Get YAML string from ruby Hash
yaml_string = YAML.dump(ruby_hash)
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