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I have the following scenario: using XML Data Bindings, I have an object created from schema A, and a different object created using schema B. However, schema B imports schema A in order to define children nodes of the A type.

So, right now I have:

  • unit1, objectA (from schema A)
  • unit2, objectB (from schema B), objectA (from schema B which imports schema A)

The unit2.objectA class is, of course, incompatible with unit1.objectA. The definition in unit2 is also different, because it doesn't include some namespace attributes (this is important: I think these are implicit because the parent node also have them.)

And this is my problem: I can do lots of stuff given that these are just IXMLDocument objects, but I want to be able to create unit1.objectA from unit2.objectA.

My initial thought was that one should be able to export nodes from a document, and that there should be an option to make this exported node "kosher" according to the correct schema (so, a node of type A inside a document B should export and validate against the schema A.) I understand that this may be wishing too much, so my question may be rephrased:

How can I export a node from a IXMLDocument object into a new IXMLDocument object, while adding/overriding namespace attributes (xmlns, xmlns:xsi, xsi:schemaLocation) in the exported node / document?

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Turned out to be a really tricky issue. Resorted to use low level DOM functions from my XML library and a lot of elbow grease; had to export the wanted fragment, and manually adjusted schemas and namespaces, then reformatted everything.

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