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I’m trying to retrieve data from an entity and populate a viewModel property like this:

viewModel.Enrollments = db.Enrollments.Where(b => b.classDays == "Monday") && (db.Enrollments.Where(b => b.CourseID == courseID);

but I get a operator && cannot be applied to operands of type System.Linq.IQerable<> error. Can you help with a way to find all Monday class with the same ID?

I tried this: viewModel.Enrollments = db.Enrollments.Where(b => b.classDays == "Monday") but I get all Mondays courses but I want to limit them to a specific courseID.

Please help!

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I Dont know .Net or Linq, but isnt this really just writing a query to a db or in memory collection? If so wouldnt you put all the conditions you want in the Where() method, or chain some other method like and() or something? –  prodigitalson Jun 25 '12 at 3:48

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You need to examine your parentheses. This code won't even compile:

viewModel.Enrollments = db.Enrollments.Where(b => b.classDays == "Monday")
                    && (db.Enrollments.Where(b => b.CourseID == courseID);

In that code you're trying to use && between two calls to .Where(), which return an IQueryable. You probably mean to use && within the .Where() clause:

viewModel.Enrollments = db.Enrollments.Where(b => (b.classDays == "Monday")
                                               && (b.CourseID == courseID));

Or perhaps append a second .Where() clause:

viewModel.Enrollments = db.Enrollments.Where(b => b.classDays == "Monday")
                                      .Where(b => b.CourseID == courseID);

Note that .Where() can be chained indefinitely, essentially resulting in applying each clause in turn in an AND fashion in the resulting query.

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Thank you so much David. That totally did it!!! It was the chaining of the Where clauses. I spent 2 days trying different methods. Thanks again!! –  CloudyKooper Jun 25 '12 at 7:01

&& Operator should be used with conditions inside where NOT with sets of enrollments (in your case)

Try This:

viewModel.Enrollments = db.Enrollments.Where(b => (b.classDays == "Monday") && (b.CourseID == courseID));
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