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Assume I have 3 Entity Model:


I have to write my code like this:

//Create History
History h = new History(new Date(), 1, 1, 1);;

//Create Detil History
DetilHistory dh = new DetilHistory(1, 1, 1,;;

//Create Logs
Logs l = new Logs(1,1,1,;;

I have to get first for dh.referecendIdOfHistory. AND I have to get first for l.referecendIdOfDetilHistory.

BUT, Sometimes i have to change the variable h or dh below that code like this:

h.closeDate= new Date();
h.value = 2;;

I do it for Detil History too.

Unfortunately JPA can't do it like that. I know the reason why JPA don't allow that.

I have issues about:

  • detached entity passed to persist
  • JPA has not been initialized
  • etc

I have solved them with:

- JPAPluginStartTx(rollback)
- JPA.em().flush(); JPA.em().getTransaction().commit();

Somebody please could tell me how the best way to do it?

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What do your save() methods do? Maybe you could try getting an EntityManager instance, opening a transaction with em.getTransaction().begin, then persisting all the entities in order, then committing the transaction.

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