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I have a content type Task, where we create task for ourself or user and in that there is a drop down, which contains some taxonomy terms, which show the status of task. Below this form I list the all the task for current user which shows some input values of content type task in some columns. I want to show the status(CCK field) in a column as select box, which will show the current status of task and user can select some other status & submit it directly. So that user will not have to go to task node.

Is it possible ?

Thanks in advance :)

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Solved it by module - editablefield module :) –  Rajeev Kumar Jun 25 '12 at 10:28

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  1. Upload - editablefield module
  2. Enable it
  3. Go to the view (or create view)
  4. Add CCK field under content
  5. Select Editable Field under "Format"
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