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I am very new to spring. I want to trigger a method when a particular method from another class is invoked that is why I thought of using @Pointcut.

The code below is almost identical to the that I am coding and I don't what else I have to add.

public class OrgManagerImpl implements OrgManager {
    public IOrg getOrg(String orgShortName) {

and this is the class that will should be trigerred:

public class OrgManagerSynchronizer { 

    @Pointcut("execution(* com.alvin.OrgManager.getOrg(..))")
    public void classMethods() {}

    public void synchronize(JoinPoint jp) {
        //code should be executed. but does not execute.


and in my .xml this was specified:


What more should I add? I don't know what to do next.


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Everytime I debug the code, it skip the AOP part goes directly to getOrg(); – Alvin Jun 25 '12 at 5:59
have you added OrgManagerSynchronizer in component:scan ? – xyz Jun 25 '12 at 6:52

Check below things.

1) Check if OrgManagerImpl is either defind as bean in context xml or it is marked as @Component & in context xml you have or that classes's package.

2) If above thing is correct then try changing pointcut as below

@Pointcut("execution(* get*(..))")

This pointcut intercepts all get methods. See if with this point cut your synchronize method is working or not. If it works then at least your spring configurations are fine. you just need to refine pointcut expression. But if this also doesn't work then there is something wrong with your spring aop configuration itself, so we can concentrate on those.

Also if this doesn't work then try to give some more info like you context xml, bean java classes etc.

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