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I want to use nested if-else statement in Crystal Reports. I don't know it's syntax. I want to do something like this:

if table1.id <> "1" then
   if table1.name <> "a" then
      var1 := "Hello"
      var1 := "Hi"
   var1 := "Bye"

Any suggestion?

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You can use parenthesises to avoid ambiguity within nested if..else structures:

if {table1.id} <> 1 then
   (if {table1.name} <> "a" then
      var1 := "Hello"
      var1 := "Hi";)
   var1 := "Bye";
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heheh... you said "Hi";) -- [wink] –  Code Jockey Apr 25 at 17:56

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