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Calling the WriteObject Method from a background thread is not possible!

Is there a possibility, to invoke/dispatch this method in the main thread of the powershell (like in WPF)?

Code sample:

protected override void ProcessRecord()
    Service.StartReading(filter, list => { WriteObject(list, true); } );

EDIT: The error, which occured after calling the WriteObject method from the thread

Any solution, workaround or quick fix?

thx, Mathias

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The standard System.Console.Out.WriteLine() method works great, but i need to pipe those result objects! –  SpecialHias Jun 25 '12 at 6:45
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I found a solution, which solves my problem.

  1. created a ConcurrentQueue

    ConcurrentQueue<LogEntryInfoBase> logEntryQueue = 
            new ConcurrentQueue<LogEntryInfoBase>();
  2. start a background thread to enqueue items to the ConcurrentQueue

    Task.Factory.StartNew(() => Service.StartReading(
            filter, EnqueueLogEntryInfoBases));
  3. meanwhile, try to dequeue from this queue in the main thread

    for ( ; ; )
        LogEntryInfoBase logEntry = null;
        logEntryQueue.TryDequeue(out logEntry);
        if (logEntry != null)

From my point of view, this solution/fix is ugly, but it works for my current issue.

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