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I'm trying to achieve a very simple function: count the number of rows per subset of a matrix selected using "by" (m1 is a 4 column matrix):

by(m1, m1[,2:4], nrow)

But I get error "arguments must have same length". From what I understand, the selected subset is a vector rather than a matrix, when it has only one row. Therefore, "nrow" becomes invalid. How can I handle this?

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You could add SIMPLIFY = FALSE and you won't get subsets of vectors but matrices/data.frames of nrow = 1. –  Roman Luštrik Jun 25 '12 at 8:41
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The NROW function works on matrices, dataframes and vectors.

> NROW(1:3)
#[1] 3
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You're correct that nrow is only valid for matrix arguments, so why not pass in a matrix?

> nrow(1:3)
> nrow(matrix(1:3,ncol=3))
[1] 1

You can just replace your call to nrow with function(x) nrow(matrix(x,ncol=3)). The full expression would be

by(m1, m1[,2:4], function(x) nrow(matrix(x,ncol=3)))
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