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I have a UIDocument based app, without iCloud support. The user is able to create documents, and save them to app's Document directory.

I have also created few "sample" documents, and passing them with the app's bundle. I want the user to be able to open sample documents the same way as they can open their own documents:

NSArray *samplesContent = [[NSBundle mainBundle] URLsForResourcesWithExtension:@"doco" subdirectory:@"Samples"];

for (NSURL *sampleURL in samplesContent) {
    Doco *doco = [[Doco alloc] initWithFileURL:sampleURL];
    [doco disableEditing];

    [doco openWithCompletionHandler:^(BOOL success) {
        if (success) {
            [self.docos addObject:doco];

            if (self.docos.count >= samplesContent.count) {
                [self.tableView reloadData];
        } else DLog(@"Failed to open %@", [sampleURL pathExtension]);

What I am seeing is this:

  1. On viewDidLoad, docs array gets populated with sample docs and displayed in the tableView the first time app launches. No issues here, all is smooth and nice.
  2. Then I back out of the view with the following code to close all open docs:

    int count = 0;
    for (Doco *doco in self.docos) {
        if (doco.documentState == UIDocumentStateNormal) {
            [doco closeWithCompletionHandler:nil];
    DLog(@"Closed %i docs", count);
  3. When I open the view again, the array of docs should get populated again and tableView re-populated, but nothing happens.

The completion handler below never gets called, although the URL is pointing to the same file and it is valid:

[doco openWithCompletionHandler:^(BOOL success) {}

I do not have this issue for user generated docs stored in Documents, so my assumption is that it has something to do with auto-save, that gets called on read-only bundle and fails

But I am sort of stuck on this part, any help will be appreciated.

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Thought that a valid workaround would be to copy all sample docs to Documents, and open them from there...but this way i don't learn anything new :) i would prefer to understand the issue, Cheers for all helping comments! –  Andrei G. Jun 25 '12 at 6:43
Check the completion of [doco closeWithCompletionHandler:nil]. Is the document closed successfully? –  Basel Abdelaziz Jun 25 '12 at 6:46
Just checked, it was not called at all....because i was dismissing view controller, BEFORE closing all docs. Now i see that they fail to close because it's trying to write to Bundle, however they open again successfully.. –  Andrei G. Jun 25 '12 at 7:06
I am getting this Foundation called mkdir("/var/mobile/Applications/BBBAA4C4-4824-4E67-86F4-34FC19AF1827/Doco.app/Sa‌​mples/(A Document Being Saved By Doco)"), it didn't return 0, and errno was set to 1. therefore close is not successful. –  Andrei G. Jun 25 '12 at 7:09
My sample doc was updated without my knowledge, therefore it was trying to save changes unsuccessfully...now i make sure it does not get updated and it gets closed without issues. reloading them again work nice and fast. Looks like issue is resolved. –  Andrei G. Jun 25 '12 at 7:21

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If UIDocument is updated it will try to save changes on close. since UIDocument was loaded from read-only bundle, i had to make sure that it does not get updated, otherwise close block returns success=NO, and document is not closed...

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