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I'm working on Android with Jquery Mobile with Phonegap using Knockout for loading data.

I'm getting the data all right and loading it on the html page accordinglly to the foreach data-bind I have on the tags.

When I want to refresh the data , it just doesn't do it . It returns just an html without binded data or throwing dom exception not found My applyBinding happens inside pagecreate event of the page.

I've posted a simple example describing the problem on my SkyDrive - http://sdrv.ms/LpUdLt It's public example reproducing the problem . the viewmodel holds array that holds array . refreshed with randomal values . trying to reload the page in jquery mobile with changepage reload with new data by pressing the navbar button fails with the dom object mistake. I do agree not to that i shouldn't create instance of VM every pagecreate , just can't find way to implement it , so that the data will be rerendered on html.

   var wAViewModelInst ;
   var viewPageIndexContent;
   $('#pageIndex').live('pagecreate', function (event) { 
        viewPageIndexContent = document.getElementById("pageIndexContent");
        wAViewModelInst = new WAViewModel(true);
        ko.applyBindings(wAViewModelInst, viewPageIndexContent);

        waHeaderVM.refreshContentData = function () {

              // wAViewModelInst.updateRowList();
              // ko.cleanNode(viewPageIndexContent);
              // viewPageIndexContent = document.getElementById("pageIndexContent");
              //wAViewModelInst = new WAViewModel(true);
             //ko.applyBindings(wAViewModelInst, viewPageIndexContent);
              $.mobile.changePage("index.html", { allowSamePageTransition: true, reloadPage: true });

    self.WARowList = ko.observableArray();
    self.updateRowList = function () {
    //tried the exteding 
    //ko.observableArray.fn.WARowListUpdate = function () {
    //    //create a sub-observable
    //    this.hasItems = ko.observable();

    //    //update it when the observableArray is updated
    //    this.subscribe(function (newValue) {
    //        this.hasItems(newValue && newValue.length ? true : false);
    //    }, this);

    //    //trigger change to initialize the value
    //    this.valueHasMutated();

    //    //support chaining by returning the array
    //    return this;

is there any way to update the html after the first rendering ?

adding the html code:

<div id="pageIndex" data-role="page" data-transition="flip" data-theme="e" data-dom-cache="true">
    <div id="indexHeader" data-role="header" data-theme="e">
        <div data-role="navbar" data-iconpos="right">
                <li><a href="login.html" data-role="tab" data-icon="back" data-bind="click: loadingHandler"
                <li><a href="#" data-role="tab" data-icon="refresh" data-bind ="click: refreshContentData" >רענן</a></li>
                <li><a href="researchEvent.html" data-role="tab" data-icon="check" id="navBarResearchEventPage"   data-bind="click: loadResearchEvent" class="brighter-text">ביצוע חקר</a></li>
                <li><a href="#" data-role="tab" data-icon="grid" class="ui-btn-active brighter-text">
                    סידור עבודה</a></li>
    <div id="pageIndexContent" data-role="content" data-theme="e" style="padding-bottom: 52px;
        height: 570px;">
        <h2 data-bind="text:Title" class="brighter-text" style="font-size:22pt;">
        <div data-bind="foreach: WARowList" style="width: 99%; text-align: center">
                <table style="float: right; width: 20%; height: 60px;" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
                    <tr data-bind="visible : FirstRow " style="height: 31px;">
                        <th class="AlignedHeader">
                                שעה / שילוט</label>
                    <tr data-bind="style: { backgroundColor: Odd() ? '#8CC63F' : '#AFC493' }">
                        <td style="width: 20%;" data-bind="style: { backgroundColor: IsNew() ? 'yellow' : 'transparent' }">
                            <input  type="button" data-bind="click: ShowSampleDetails, value: ShilutTime , jQueryButtonUIEnableDisable:$data"
                                data-icon="plus" data-iconpos="right"/>
                <table style="height: 60px; width: 80%; background-color: #8CC63F;" data-bind="style: { backgroundColor: Odd() ? '#8CC63F' : '#AFC493' }"
                    cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
                    <thead data-bind="if : FirstRow">
                        <tr data-bind="foreach: CellList">
                            <th class="AlignedHeader">
                                <label data-bind="text: Date">
                        <tr data-bind="foreach: CellList">
                            <td style="width: 11.5%;">
                                <div data-bind="visible:IsPopulated ">
                                    <div data-bind="visible: HasDrivers">
                                        <input type="button" data-role="button" data-bind="click: ShowBusDriverList.bind($data , $root) , jQueryButtonUIEnableDisable: $data "
                                            data-icon="search" data-iconpos="right" value="נהגים" class="brighter-text" />
                                    <div data-bind="visible: !HasDrivers()">
                                        <input type="button" data-role="button" id="btnNoDriver" disabled="disabled" data-icon="info"
                                            data-iconpos="right" value="אין נהג" class="brighter-text" />
                                <div data-bind="visible: !IsPopulated">

and so on ..

the GetWA function returns an observableArray of warow list . it works the first time the trouble is rerendering the dom object. the dom element is contaminated with ko and fails ..

I tried the answer of Luffy :

var lVM = new loginViewModel();
var  footerViewModelLogin = {
        IsOnline: ko.observable(globalContext.Network()),
        IsSync: ko.observable(globalContext.Sync())
$('#login').live('pagecreate', function (event) {

     viewLoginContent = document.getElementById("loginContent");

    ko.applyBindingsToNode(viewLoginContent, lVM);

    viewLoginFooter= document.getElementById("footerLogin");

    ko.applyBindingsToNode(viewLoginFooter, footerViewModelLogin);


$('#login').live('pagehide', function (event, ui) {


function loginViewModel() {
    var self = this;

    try {

        self.userName = ko.observable("");
        self.password = ko.observable("");
        self.message = ko.observable("");

        self.CleanGlobalContext = function () {


        self.Validate = function () {


    catch (e) {
        if (IsDebug) alert("GlobalContext.prototype.SetMapOverlay  " + e.message);
        if (typeof (console) != 'undefined' && console) console.log("GlobalContext.prototype.SetMapOverlay "     + e.message);


The knockout fails without the element predefined event to bind .

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0% Accept rate? Dude, come on. –  Tyrsius Jun 25 '12 at 16:00
Can you show us a little more code, such as the HTML, or the GetWA method? When you say 'it returns just empty HTML', what is being called that returns the empty HTML? –  CodeThug Jun 26 '12 at 20:55
the question is there a way to reapply the bindings ? the reinitialize of the observabeArray in the viewModel doesn't reorganize and repaint the view. –  Gregory Jun 27 '12 at 15:55
i've corrected the post - it doesn't return emty html - it returns an html without the data-bind information of the refreshed viewmodel. –  Gregory Jun 27 '12 at 16:08
I've added a simple reproducing problem example . Please advise .. –  Gregory Jul 2 '12 at 3:39
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3 Answers

I have not understood well you difficulty. However, I don't understand why you need to reapply bindings. Notice what follows:

  1. If you change an observable array the needed templates are re-instantiated to updated coherently the UI. However you have to update the observalble array either by using the observable array functions, or by passing to the observable a new array: obs(newArray).
  2. If you need to perform actions after the ko re-rendering you just need to use the afterRender, or afterAdd parameters of the template binding
  3. if you add new jquery mobile code you have to parse it after having created it otherwise jquery mobile will not work...again you can do this in the afterRender function.
  4. it is problematic to load html containing ajax ko bindings via ajax. The right approach is to create that content as a template, that you render immediately (not with ajax). Then you query the server just to get new json content. Then you can instantiate the template by using for instance the with binding.
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1.I reinited the observable array with new data , but the needed templates are not re-instantiated to updated coherently the UI. actualy it just shows me the html without data at all . 2.afterRender I need to create update bindingHandler for the observable Array ? 3.each time i navigate between the jqm pages , after the first applyBinding the dom "element" can't be reinitialized . thats the problem. –  Gregory Jul 8 '12 at 11:53
maybe there is some error somewhere...I use a lot templates ...an I never had a similar problem...however when I use jquery mobile with knockout I preload all pages and I communicate with the server just in json...I downloaded your code...let me give a look. –  Francesco Abbruzzese Jul 8 '12 at 11:56
preload would be the best option if i could refresh the ko data in it. –  Gregory Jul 8 '12 at 11:58
do you have some sample of 4 paragraph of your response? all my transfer to wcf is through ajax requests by functions that are called in different processes of the application . –  Gregory Jul 8 '12 at 12:06
YOU CAN! To do so you need to put the content of your page (just the content not the div with the page name) within a "with" knockout construct. Tis way when you change the data the with is bound to the content is re-initialized. obviously in the afterRender event you have to trigger a jquery mobile parsing of the new content –  Francesco Abbruzzese Jul 8 '12 at 12:06
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Yes you can reapply bindings with ko.applyBindingsToNode function to the specific dom element.

Check these examples

  1. http://jsfiddle.net/rniemeyer/gYk6f/ ---> With templating
  2. http://jsfiddle.net/rniemeyer/BnDh6/ ---> With data - value pair
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I"ll try it . but the problem that it's an observableArray with nested observableArrays. is it the same ? –  Gregory Jul 8 '12 at 9:26
It didn't got through the apply binding without defined element –  Gregory Jul 8 '12 at 10:28
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The solution was to add afterRender on the foreach table data-bind. as – Francesco Abbruzzese suggested. The ajax request has been turned to async:false though. Each time I update the list I perform some dat-bind = "click:updateRowList" which updates the table. Thanks a lot to Elad Katz for help with bounty .

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hi , I thought that the solution was to use the afterRender that you suggested . nevertheless . i've removed the afterRender and the app updates itself. The issue was disposing of the values in the existed list and re initializing the values with new data . –  Gregory Jul 17 '12 at 12:34
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