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I have defined some Error Messages and my Question is, how to access them correctly?!


public class Task extends Model {

    @Constraints.Required(message="Start Date is required")
    public Date start;


Now, if you got a validation error in my controller save() method as you can see:

public class Tasks extends Controller {

    public static Result save() {
        Form<Task> filledForm = taskForm.bindFromRequest();
        if (filledForm.hasErrors()) {
            return badRequest(
                    create.render("create", filledForm)


and now, in my view:

@if(taskForm.hasErrors) {
        <div class="alert alert-error">

I get the error message on the screen like this:

{name=[ValidationError(start, Start Date is required,[])]}

So, how can I access now the "Start Date is required"-message directly? I think the "@taskForm.erros" is a map, but I'm not sure.

Thank you very much.



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The errors() method indeed returns a Map, to be specific a Map<String, List<ValidationError>>.

To access the message directly use the method error(String key). So in this case use @taskForm.get("start")

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