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I can't copy this string to one array in a list and the program crashes when it reaches that line. Can you help to solve this? Thank you.

Here is the code.

typedef struct pedido pedido, *ppedido;

struct pedido{
    char id[5];
    int prioridade;
    int mesa, n_pratos;
    pprato prato[TAM];
    ppedido prox;

struct prato{
    char id[5];

ppedido AdicionaPratoMenu(ppedido lista, char ped[],char idprato[])
    int i,j=0,m=0;

    while(lista != NULL){
        if((strcmp(lista->id, ped)) == 0)

            strcpy(lista->prato[m]->id,idprato);   //This is where it goes wrong


    return lista;
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Use the debugger! It will not only help you pinpoint the location of the crash, it will also let you examine variables to help you figure out the cause of the crash. –  Joachim Pileborg Jun 25 '12 at 8:25
i use the dubugger, but i don't find the problem. –  MarcodeBarbosa Jun 25 '12 at 8:27
If you want our help, your code is not complete. For instance, the definition for pprato is missing. Don't make us guess that is't probably just a pointer to prato. You should try to post a complete program that is as small as possible while still exposing the error. –  Mr Lister Jun 25 '12 at 8:28
@MrLister "typedef struct prato prato, *pprato;", is this you're talking about? –  MarcodeBarbosa Jun 25 '12 at 8:31
One problem I see is that you reuse names. You have typedef struct pedido pedido first and then the declaration of typedef pedido. Also you have both an array and a struct named prato. This may not confuse the compiler, but it certainly can confuse us! –  Mr Lister Jun 25 '12 at 8:31

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This is a potential out of bounds access if TAM == lista->n_pratos:


as the previous for loop will only end with TAM == m (array indexes in C start from 0). To correct, ensure m < TAM prior to calling strcpy().

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I'm assuming that you've neglected to include here a:

typedef struct prato pprato; 

There are two potential problems:

  1. What does strlen(idprato) equal? My guess is that it's 5 or greater.
    Use strncpy(lista->prato[m]->id, idprato, 4); instead.
  2. m must be less than TAM when you do the strcpy. When you're incrementing m in your for loop you should also add m < TAM, or just use this loop: for (m = 0; m<lista->n_pratos; m++);

General tip: always use strncmp instead of strcmp; and strncpy instead of strcpy. Even if idprato will always have a length of 4.

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the size is the same. –  MarcodeBarbosa Jun 25 '12 at 8:29

You need to check

  1. In, lista->prato[m] 'm' is less than 'TAM' in pprato prato[TAM];
  2. Length of idprato is less than 5 (which is what you defined).
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I'm assuming 'pprato' is a pointer to a 'struct prato'. If so, you have an array of pointers to 'struct prato' but no memory actually allocated for them and then you're trying to dereference them in your strcpy().

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