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I'm trying to test the bundles Behat and Mink, but I have a problem

  • I well installed the bundles

  • I have launched: php app / console test-e = Behat - init @ AcmeDemoBundle, the folder Features was created

  • I wrote a scenario in essai.feature

  • I have launched: php app / console test-e @ Behat AcmeDemoBundle, I have got this result

Feature: Test      In order to test      As a developer      I Need To Be Able to submit a contact form

Scenario: Navigate to the welcome page # src \ Acme \ DemoBundle \ Features \ >essai.feature: 6      Given I am on "/ crud / Article"

Scenario 1 (1 undefined) 1 step (1 undefined) 0m0.243s

You Can Implement step definitions for undefined steps with snippets thesis:

     / **       * @ Given / ^ I am on "([^"] *) "$ /       * /      public function iAmOn ($ argument1)      {           throw new PendingException ();      }

  • When I tried to implement the definitions, I have launched php app / console test-e @ Behat AcmeDemoBundle -dl

But, I get nothing at all! nothing is executed and the file FeatureContext is not modified

Please help me to find a solution

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Could you fix code formatting, please? Also, what does it mean that you get nothing? What did you expect to get? – Jakub Zalas Jun 25 '12 at 18:09
thank you and sorry for the format of the code, I fixed the problem – symfounya Jun 27 '12 at 9:11
You could still clean up your question and share the answer for future generations... – Jakub Zalas Jun 27 '12 at 10:14
in fact, I just copy the method "function iAmOn" generated in the console under the file FeatureContext.php thank's a lot – symfounya Jun 27 '12 at 11:04

It looks like you have not told Behat where to look for your main context file. You need to either explicitly load FeatureContext.php in your behat configuration file:

# config/behat.yml
autoload: [ %paths.base%/../features/bootstrap ]
      paths: [ %paths.base%/../features ]
          - FeatureContext

Or place FeatureContext.php exactly where Behat searches for it by default. From the "context class requirements" section of the Behat docs:

The context class should be discoverable and loadable by Behat. That means you should somehow tell Behat about your class file. Behat comes with a PSR-0 autoloader out of the box and the default autoloading directory is features/bootstrap. That’s why the default FeatureContext is loaded so easily by Behat. You can place your own classes under features/bootstrap by following the PSR-0 convention or you can even define your own custom autoloading folder via behat.yml.

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If a step definition has any errors it can cause one of those "nothing happens" scenarios. It's aways best to copy the new step def from the console output and paste it in the your FeatureContext before you begin implementing it.

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