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I have A portal in SP 2010 which contains a lot of sites and sub-sites. To a specific site and all its' sub-sites I want to apply the same master-page, I did it from the Share-Point designer 2010. The problem is that the pages in the sub-sites doesn't take the mater page, do I have to change them manually? TIA.

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You can do this via Visual Studio by creating a Site Scoped Feature and then adding the Event Receiver. In it, override the FeatureActivated to apply customer master page to every site in a site collection. Here is a snippet i use:

var siteCollection = properties.Feature.Parent as SPSite;
if (siteCollection == null)
foreach (SPWeb site in siteCollection.AllWebs)
    using (site)
            site.CustomMasterUrl = webAppRelativePath +
            site.SiteLogoUrl = webAppRelativePath +
                     "Style Library/Images/logo.gif";

Alterantively you could modify this on-demand to use SharePoint PowerShell interface:

$site = get-spsite "http://sps2010/sitecoll"
$site.AllWebs | foreach-object { `
             $_.CustomMasterUrl = "_catalogs/masterpage/custommasterpage.master";
             $_.SiteLogoUrl = "Style Library/Images/logo.gif";
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