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How can you use jQuery to include/require a different php file if window height > 1000?

if window height > 1000

    <?php require('a.php'); ?>


    <?php require('b.php'); ?>
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Explain with some code –  thecodeparadox Jun 25 '12 at 8:41

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You can detect the width and height in javascript and then redirect the page to your actual page.


Then you can use these variables on the server to decide which page to load.

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you can't require like php in JavaScript/jQuery. Instead of that you can use .load(). It will load an script using AJAX.

For example:

if( $(window).height() > 1000 ) {
  $('#result').load('a.php', function() {
      alert('a.php load was performed.');
} else {
  $('#result').load('b.php', function() {
      alert('b.php load was performed.');

But If you want to reload page then you need window.location ie.

window.location = "some_url";
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