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I can do this to batch resize and rename images in a subfolder:

convert '*.jpg' -resize 256 small/image_%02d.jpg

it will create images starting from image_00.jpg

My problem is, due to import rules of an external service, I need incremental number starting from image_01.jpg

Does IM allow this?

Otherwise which is the smartest way to achieve this?

I'd ls and reverse sort then rename adding 1

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I have never tried this but remember reading something about -scene.

convert '*.jpg' -resize 256 -scene 1 small/image_%02d.jpg

-scene value

set scene number.

This option sets the scene number of an image or the first image in an image sequence.

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Thank you very much, I love this website and its users :) – neurino Jun 25 '12 at 10:55

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