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why the md5 checksum always change when i sign the file? I have the same jar file before sign it, but if I sign it twice the md5 checksum of the two signed jars are different. My question is why? Thanks in advance.

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Probably because signing the file injects a signature, which changes the contents of the file. Changing the contents of a file will of course change the digest.

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i believe that the file that is changed is the .DSA (digital signature algorithm) which contains the digital signature. –  Sérgio Condeço Jun 25 '12 at 9:33
Is this file being embedded in the .jar? If so, that would explain why the digest is changing. –  cdhowie Jun 25 '12 at 17:46

It depends on the signing procedure, however for security reasons signing of documents occur with random (say 256 bit) data. Otherwise it would be a handicap.

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good day. it because your hash created form not only of constant data. this hashing method called salt(entropy).

for instance:

md5(name + salt)

salt may be time or any none constant data


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