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I need to read from the user the number 1000101 and save in an array.

For example :

int array1 [6]={1,0,0,1,0,1};

But I need the user to enter the number in one line. any idea how to save one long number from the user in an array?

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You can get a line from std::cin with e.g. the std::getline. After you have the line, get one character at a time and check that it is a one or a zero, and then convert it to an integer and add it to your array.

Remember to check the limits of both the string and array, so you don't step outside it.

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One remark: checking for 0 or 1 is part of the example, but it's not clear whether it is part of the question. If not isdigit could be used. –  stefaanv Jun 25 '12 at 9:14
char c;
std::vector<int> number;
while (std::cin >> c)
    if (c == '0' || c == '1')
        number.push_back(c - '0');
    else if (c == '\n')
        throw std::runtime_error("illegal characters in number");
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