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I'm currently creating this ball game with Farseer (and XNA).

I've got several Balls, some edges, and the player is supposed to hit one of the balls with a racket. So the situation is like a one time impulse onto the ball. I expected it to be possible to hand this impulse to the Farseer-Object once and Farseer would then use this given impulse to calculate the movement, collision, friction, resulting speed etc. of my rolling ball.

I've been trying some time now, but I didn't find any possibility to do so. I could add an impulse to my Object, but as soon as I stopped adding new Impulse on each update-cycle and expected the ball to keep rolling / slowly decelerate, it just stopped immediately. I tried adding impulse or applying force, same result.

Am I wrong about what Farseer is capable of? I mean, it should be possible to give the Object a certain Speed and then let it roll / move until friction lets it stop. If not, why should there even be a friction-field in the Farseer classes. Or is Farseer just a collision detection and expects you to handle speed, friction and vector reflection?

It would be great if anyone could give me a heads up regarding my problem and Farseer itself.


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I have almost no experience with Farseer, but with most physics engines you would simple give the ball a new or modified linear and angular velocity, and the physics updates would take care of moving the ball for you. – Nic Foster Jun 25 '12 at 16:27
Are you confident your units/scale are correct? I'm fairly certain Farseer does what you want it to, but many issues which are encountered when people first start with it are unit-based. Given that distance is m and mass is kg, do the numbers you are using make sense? Is your ball ridiculously massive, or does it have such incredible friction, that it would not conceivably roll very far at all? Are you using different numbers for screen units vs. sim units? – A-Type Jun 25 '12 at 17:07

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