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I'm working on a project and I'm using TFS as a source control, i was thinking of using TFS branching,

as now i reached the current situation:

  1. I have released a beta version of the project.
  2. I want to have a team who do refactoring on the design and code.
  3. I wanna have a different team who would add fixes and resolving small issues and maybe add tiny features to the beta version.

I think the refactoring is going to make a lot of changes to the project, probably adding new class projects, and making big changes to code, so i`m kinda thinking merging would be a big issue.

I don't know which scenario i should use, i read some about branching Here, and I`m kinda hesitate to use it, what do you guys think ? what would you use for this scenario ?

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I dont think merging would be any issue. You can find some branches examples here

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