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There is a website which has 4 web pages . On first page there is a button, On 2nd page there are also some buttons, on 3rd page there is also a single button , and 4th page also contained a single button. Problem is that my code programatically clicks the button of first page 2nd page and 3rd page . But is is not clicking the button on 4th page programatically. How can i enable my code to do that??? Please suggest a reliable solution for this .. Thank you so much in advance. The HTML code of the button is given below

<FORM NAME='form1' METHOD='post' action='/dflogin.php'><INPUT TYPE='hidden' NAME='txtId' value='E712050-15'><INPUT TYPE='hidden' NAME='txtassId' value='1'><INPUT TYPE='hidden' NAME='txtPsw' value='HH29'><INPUT TYPE='hidden' NAME='txtLog' value='0'><h6 align='right'><INPUT TYPE='SUBMIT' NAME='btnSub' value='Next' style='background-color:#009900; color:#fff;'></h6></FORM>          
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This code clicks a button programmatically, you should be able to adapt this to what you need and hopefully it should work for you.

  For Each webpageelement As HtmlElement In allButtons 
      If webpageelement.GetAttribute("value").Equals("Next") Then 
        Exit For 
      End If 
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it is not working – user1473832 Jun 25 '12 at 16:02
This code is not working – user1473832 Jun 25 '12 at 16:26

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