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I'm using PowerShell for auto-deploying website, and recently found AppPool setting which cannot be set with PS. or at least I did not manage to find out how to do it.

$appPool = $serverManager.ApplicationPools.Add($sitename)...

I need to set "Private Memory Limit" to some value, but it looks like there is no such property at ApplicationPool or ApplicationPoolRecycling object.

Does anybode know workaround for this issue?

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Which version of IIS? –  David Brabant Jun 25 '12 at 10:38

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This script uses Get-Webconfiguration and Set-WebConfiguration to get the value for private memory for all app pools. You can set each individually or set the application pool defaults for them to inherit. I have commented out the line which actually does the set.

import-module webadministration

$applicationPoolsPath = "/system.applicationHost/applicationPools"
$applicationPools = Get-WebConfiguration $applicationPoolsPath

foreach ($appPool in $applicationPools.Collection)
    $appPoolPath = "$applicationPoolsPath/add[@name='$($appPool.Name)']"
    Get-WebConfiguration "$appPoolPath/recycling/periodicRestart/@privateMemory" 
    # Set-WebConfiguration "$appPoolPath/recycling/periodicRestart/@privateMemory" -Value 1000
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Awesome, thanks! –  Alexander Doroshenko Jun 25 '12 at 10:54

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