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Is there a possiblity to add the "auto_increment" attribute to QueryNew() in Coldfusion? I want to simulate a database, so I need a primary key, which I refer to. My goal is an easy navigation with nav_id and nav_pid (parent id).

If there is no easy solution I'll do it with a loop or just add it as follow:

<cfset querySetCell(nav, "nav_id", 1) />

thx for your help!

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I'm sorry, there is no auto-increment attribute that could be set for a querycolumn in a newly created queryobject:

So you must go with a loop and create your query:

 <CFLOOP from="1" to="5" index="i">
    <cfset querySetCell(nav, "nav_id", i) />
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okay, I'll do it with a loop than, thx. – Toby Jun 25 '12 at 11:25

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