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I am trying to setup caching on a web server I have built using Pyramid. I am using pyramid_beaker, which creates a back-end to use Beaker for caching.

I have been using cached region decorators to implement the caching.

A sample cached region looks like this:

def getThis(request):
    def invalidate_data(getData,'long_term',search_term):
    def getData(search_term):
         return response
    search_term = request.matchdict['searchterm']
    return getData(search_term)

Now that the caching works fine and I can trigger cache refresh on each region, I was wondering how I might refresh ALL regions?

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Beaker has a dict object of all CacheManagers that can be used to iterate over to clear each:

from beaker.cache import cache_managers
for _cache in cache_managers.values():
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If you were saving to file, you could probably just erase the folder containing all caches. This is probably not the best solution but it should be pretty fast and effective.

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