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I am looking for an API that will enable me to convert .doc or .pdf files to PDF/A-1. I want this to make my files match with the ISO 19005 norm.

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I'm not aware of a (free as in beer, or Free as in Liberty) API that allows you to do that in a reliable, easy-to-use and verified way.

Ghostscript as a commandline tool will work, more or less. See these answers:

The resulting PDF will claim to be PDF/A-1*b* (and Adobe Reader will show a hint about this). However, you'll still not have a 100% verification that the PDF is really conforming to the standard's spec.

If your business relies on a meticulous match, you should at least get some tests with commercial-professional PDF/A validation tools done, before you switch to this method in production.

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If you are targeting Windows OS and you can consider commercial libraries, then you can give Amyuni PDF Converter a try.

Amyuni PDF Converter is a virtual printer driver that you can control programmatically from your application using either a COM/ActiveX interface, or a .Net assembly; and you can configure it for PDF/A output.

Usual disclaimer applies

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For PDF files I recommend you to try Docotic.Pdf library. It's capable of converting PDF documents to PDF/A-1b ones.

Here is a sample for the task:

public static void convertToPdfA(string input, string output)
    using (PdfDocument pdf = new PdfDocument(input))
        pdf.SaveOptions.ProducePdfA = true;

Disclaimer: I work for the vendor of the library.

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