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Lets say there is a defect in a program execution in any language like java or c#, we have exception handling mechanism through which we can programmatically know that there is an error and in case we want to make a log of it we can store it in a txt or xls file.

In QTP, if i'm executing ten scripts and two scripts have failed and i want to make a log of the failed files in xls file, then how do i go about it? because it seems there is no mechanism programmatically through which i can detect that an error has occurred and a entry in the log accordingly. how do i approach this? ( by the way, i do not want to know about recovery scenario, because i'm not interested in handling the error but i'm interested in only detecting the error and making a note of it)

Thank you in advance

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QTP scripts are based on VBScript, the equivalent of exceptions in VBScript is On Error which is described here (among other places).

However I don't see why you need this, if a test fails this fact gets logged in the run-report, can't you look in the default reports to see which test failed?

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Thanks for the reply. My plan is to make a log of the errors in the xls file then add some extra details and then upload the defects in QC –  Tom Jun 25 '12 at 12:44

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