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I have just gotten started with the Yii framework, trying to create a simple application. I have added the yii-user-management module (YUM) and have followed the short installation tutorial.

Following the tutorial, I created a RegistrationController that extends the YumRegistrationController - then tried loading it in the browser. However, regardless of how I change the config for UrlManager, I cannot get my own controller or view loaded (the view was copied to protected/views/registration.registration.php as instructed).

I am not the only one with the same problem - see here for example - but I cannot get any of the solutions working. Not even renaming the controller has worked, so I figure that there is something fundamentally wrong with my UrlManager settings.


The YumRegistrationController gets loaded every time, or I get a 404 error.

I have tried additional rules, like:

'registration' => 'application.controllers.Registration',

or (after renaming)

'registration' => '//MyRegistration/registration',

and even

'registration' => '//registration/registration/registration',

like in an article I read, but nothing worked.

Please help - I would really love to move on to creating an app instead of just working on the setup...

UPDATE: /registration/registration/registration works, it just shows the default view and loads the controller for YUM registration...

Yii version 1.1.10

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why double forward slashes? does 'registration' => 'registration/registration/registration' or 'registration' => 'registration/registration' work? – Juris Malinens Jun 25 '12 at 11:45
double slashes are from… - removing them produces the same result – Calle Jun 25 '12 at 11:58
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I think , you have user component registered in your config main.php. So please share that. I can help.

. 'loginUrl' => array('/user/user/login'), may cause problem. no need to change urlManager.

          'loginUrl' => array('/user/login'),
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I actually had to drop this project due to the difficulty of getting things up and running. But I'll accept the answer... – Calle Oct 25 '12 at 16:05
Thank. I wish I could help earlier. – spanjeta Nov 8 '12 at 20:58

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