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Possible Duplicate:
Difference between Color.red and Color.RED

I have seen that the Java class java.awt.Color contains couples of fields with the same name, once in capital letters and once not. For example: Color.black and Color.BLACK. Is there a difference?


… and if not, why are there two of them?

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Oops, didn't see that one. Sorry, it is in fact a duplicate! – SteeveDroz Jun 25 '12 at 11:25
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Just take a look at documentation:

public static final Color black

The color black. In the default sRGB space.

public static final Color BLACK

The color black. In the default sRGB space. Since: 1.4

No, there is no difference.

Both of them exist because black has been introduced with the Color class, then they realized that it wasn't following naming convention so they added the capitalized version (you can see since 1.4 written). They didn't remove the old ones to not break any < 1.4 code.

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There is no difference excpet that Color.BLACK follows the naming conventions for static final fields.

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From what I see in source there is no difference

public final static Color black     = new Color(0, 0, 0);
public final static Color BLACK = black;
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There is no difference , however since Capitalizations are not enforced by Java compilers, but it is considered bad style to violate them . SO color.BLACK should be preferred to add to the readability .

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From the description of the fields of the Color class there is no difference at all.

1) Color.black

2) Color.BLACK

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