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I have a Backend Module which have been build using a Database with the commando (ex.)

php symfony propel:generate-admin backend JobeetJob --module=job

Now i want to generate a Modul, which dont have a Database, but just showing a result using a sql request ex:

select v1."Venue", 
( select count(*) 
    from "Events" e1 where e1."VenueNo" = v1."VenueNo"
) as "EventsCount"
from "venues" v1
order by "EventsCount" desc


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You can generate a module that you can customize, that is adding your actions, according to your needs using this task:

php symfony generate:module  application module

You can find more details about this task in The symfony Reference Book: Tasks

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Thanks! gonna try it! I just want to display some charts in Backend thats all! – trouble Jun 25 '12 at 14:39
You're welcome! – macgyver Jun 25 '12 at 20:28

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