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Is there a way to remotely deploy an EAR after building it to Oracle AS? Remote deployment functionality exists for Eclipse, and I'm looking for something similar for maven2:

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Have you tried the Weblogic Maven plugin? The weblogic:deploy goal seems to do exactly what you want. I've not used it myself so can't confirm if it actually works or not.

Update: Found this blog that describes deploying to 10.1.3, though not using the weblogic plugin.

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Thanks for the hint. I would appreciate if someone could confirm whether this works also with Oracle AS 10. – tputkonen Jul 13 '09 at 13:00
I've not seen any evidence for or against, though it should be pretty quick to confirm it yourself. It has been tested with versions 8.1 SP 4-6 and 9.0 - 9.2 MP3. If the API has changed you should get a pretty clear error. – Rich Seller Jul 13 '09 at 20:50

This is not a complete answer your question; is's just a checklist for things to look up while solving this:

  • what to do with generated sources, when to generate them?
  • do you need custom information in META-INF?
  • how to manage jars?
    • you can have them installed in an external repository, local repository, or specify them with system, on a project relative path, or a system absolute path
    • if specified with system, you can keep compile time jars in any location, and those that you want inside wars inside webapp/WEB-INF

If your project has a maven friendly architecture, then ok. Otherwise you can specify custom paths like this:


    <!-- you can have only one source path-->

    <!-- you can have only one test path-->

    <!-- you can have several resource paths -->

    <!-- you can have several test resource paths -->

Other tips:

  • study Eclipse generated ear, and maven generated ear, check for differences
  • you can find missing jars with mvn compile, don't use an IDE for this, you want to make sure that maven has all the jars it needs
  • you can have ant scripts inside maven, use maven-antrun-plugin, i can provide examples if requested
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