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I'm looking for a Document Management System that is web-based and has the following features:

  • File revision, being able to update files
  • Have a public link to the latest revision of the file
  • Folder structure
  • Multiupload or some kind of drag-n-drop
  • Can handle large amount of files (+2000)

I've got to have it web-based, the company requesting it doesn't have the ability to install something like OpenKM or Quotera. I've found AjaXplorer, but it has no revisioncontroll which is a must-have. I've looked at the following: OpenKM (cloudhosted may be an alternative), Quotera (javabased?), AjaXplorer (no revision), OpenDocMan (interface seems really bad, going to check it out though). Preferably open-source, not a must though. I've searched like crazy but I can't find anything that is 100%..

Thanks for any help!

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We use Filecamp, and I think it has the features you´re asking for. However I´m not sure about the revision part, but they have some kind of Online Proofing which also allows different file revisions.

It comes with unlimited users and is quite affordable.

Good luck /Peter

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Filerun is good, but expensive:


It has all the features you are looking for.

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