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I am not getting that how to differentiate same element name for eg City,Area in two different trees. So help me for this in parsing the same element name in iphone.

<Contacts id="1">
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What have you tried –  akk Jun 25 '12 at 11:48
I have implemented the delegate methods didstartElement,didFoundCharacter & didElement –  Siddh Jun 25 '12 at 11:52

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In your class create an mutable array, that you'll use as a stack.
if a new element starts, create a object representing it (a custom (managed) object, or a dictionary) and add it to the array. In didFoundCharacter: alter the object, that is last on the array. If didEndElement: is called, save it either to core data, a file, sql or in memory to another array. and remove it from the array.

If the elements <Area>,<City> or <Phone>are handled, you'll know, that the object on the second last position is the address, they belong to. either <Currentaddress> or <Permanetaddress>.

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You have to set a flag in didstartElement, the value of the flag will let you know, which parent tree is under parsing process.

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