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I have ajaxRadio ineach row of a table. when this Radio is selected, I want scala function to get two parameters: 1st one is the selected radio, 2nd one is the data key of the row. my source is as follows:

val radioList = List("wideArea", "oldArea","newArea")
def liftForm(xhtml: NodeSeq): NodeSeq = {  
    var areaList = newOrderList.map(values =>{
        <li id={values(1)} >
                    <tr class = "real">
                        <td class="listImage">
                            <img class="areaImage" src={values(6)}/>
                        <td style="vertical-align:top;">
                            <tr><p class="areaName">{values(4)}</p></tr>
                            <tr><p class="areaComment">{values(5)}</p></tr>
                        <td class="listCheck" >
                            {ajaxButton(S.?("delete"), () => doDelete(values(1)), "class" -> "button delete")}
                            val it = ajaxRadio[String](radioList,Box.legacyNullTest(values(2)),doRadioChange _).toForm.grouped(4)
                            for(i <- it)yield(<tr>{i.flatMap(y => <td> {y} </td>)}</tr>)

    bind("list",xhtml,"areaList" -> <ul>{areaList}</ul>)

By doRadioChange _, I can only get selected radio. How can I get the the 2nd parameter: data key of the row. ie values(1)?

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Your functions can close over all of the local state at that point in the function. You should be able to replace doRadioChange _ with:

doRadioChange(_, values(1))

Assuming, of course, that doRadioChange accepts the proper parameters.

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