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i'm trying to set portlet preferences, without touch the portlet.xml.

Here is my portlet :


When I click on preferences, I can see the confjsp, wich display a form for my preferences. And, when I submit it, set the preferences to the values in the form.

But I don't have any default values, without modify the portlet.xml.

What shoul I add and where?

I saw some do it in the render of the config class, but it doesn't work their way.

Regards. Thank you.

edit : the way i set my preferences :

first, i have a simple form i my conf jsp, basic, no need to add it; Then, i have the ConfController :

public class ConfigurationController {

    public ValidatePrefForm getValidatePrefForm() {
        ValidatePrefForm form = new ValidatePrefForm();
        return form;

    @ActionMapping(params = "action=validatePref")
    public void processAction(@ModelAttribute("validatePref") ValidatePrefForm form,
            PortletPreferences portletPreferences, ActionResponse response)
            throws Exception {

        String mylink = form.getMylink();

        if (null != mylink && !mylink .equals("")) {

            portletPreferences.setValue("mylink ", mylink );




    public String render() throws Exception {
        return "myportletjsp.jsp";



And then, in my portlet i have this to get the value:

mylink= preferences.getValue("mylink", mylink);

            mylink= mydefaultUrl;


And then i can use mylink

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First of all: portlet.xml is an excellent place to have default portlet preferences.

If you absolutely don't want this for some reason, of course you can check if the preference is null, then assume your defaults. Simply do this whereever you retrieve the portlet preferences - in the action-, render-, event- or resource-phase.

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But in the second way, seems when i add a new instance of the portlet, it keep the preferences i set for a portlet already in the page. How can i fix it : have the default when i had the portlet in a page. Thank you. Edit : if possible, i prefere a way without using portlet.xml, but i don't exclude it. –  Zaphod Jun 25 '12 at 14:19
@Jean: How are you setting your preferences? Because I think the portlet preferences are set for each portlet instance added to the page and not for the portlet or user as a whole. Liferay also sets default for the preferences, you can check init.jsp (if you have the source) for liferay's built-in portlets. –  Prakash K Jun 26 '12 at 5:18
I edit my question for you Prakash. –  Zaphod Jun 26 '12 at 7:03
If you're not sure of you, don't worry it works to with the portlet.xml, just in case. –  Zaphod Jun 26 '12 at 7:51
Thanks @Olaf this helped resolve an issue I was having –  Clay Banks Jan 8 at 15:52

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