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I would like to know what I'm supposed to do in the case of a gzip-encoded response. this is the method handling my responses :

private InputStream getResultStream(Response response) throws IOException
    InputStream resultStream = null;
    if(response != null)
        String encoding = response.getHeader("Content-Encoding");
        if((encoding != null) && (encoding.equalsIgnoreCase("gzip")))
            // What to do here ?
            Log.d("Stream :", "Read GZIP");

        } else if ((encoding != null) && encoding.equalsIgnoreCase("deflate")) {
            resultStream = new InflaterInputStream(response.getStream(), new Inflater(true));
            Log.d("Stream :", "Read Deflated.");
        } else {
            resultStream = response.getStream();
            Log.d("Stream :","Read Normal.");

    return resultStream;

How do I approach this ?

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look at this link A compress and decompress method is represented there. – breceivemail Jan 15 '13 at 10:39
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Disclaimer: I have not had a chance to test this.

According to what Android’s HTTP Clients blog post says if you are on Android 2.3+, then HttpURLConnection can do it for you automatically.

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Wrap your stream in a GZIPInputStream and read from that.

resultStream = new GZIPInputStream(resultStream);
//proceed reading as usual
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If you just want to know how to read a gziped stream, just wrap your inputstream with a GZIPInputStream

 InputStream is = ...
 GZIPInputStream zis = new GZIPInputStream(new BufferedInputStream(is));
 try {
     // Reading from 'zis' gets you the uncompressed bytes...
 } finally {
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Do the following :

resultStream = new; 
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Tried it which caused the following exception : 06-25 15:00:06.465: W/System.err(15873): stream closed 06-25 15:00:06.465: W/System.err(15873): at‌​java:68) 06-25 15:00:06.465: W/System.err(15873): at – RonnieTroj Jun 25 '12 at 13:00

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