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I have the following ArrayList

ArrayList<HashMap<String, String>> list;
HashMap<String, String> map;

with the following values inside:

list[0] = map.put("key_0", value_0);
list[1] = map.put("key_1", value_1);
list[2] = map.put("key_2", value_2);

I would like to parse the list array and get the value of the key at a specific position.

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You can get the particular map from the ArrayList> by using get() method. for example,

map = list.get(index);

And to get key of that map, you can do:

String key = map.get("key");

FYI, this is the feasible solution, i dont know why you are using key name like key_0, key_1, key_2...and so on.

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You're right. The key_names are all the same for each list item. Initially I meant writing it this way: list[0] = map("key_0", value_0, "key_1", value_1 etc. ) – Andrei Stalbe Jun 25 '12 at 13:02

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