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I remove the .git folder from my project folder using $ rm -rf .git, but when I try to run the command $ ./bin vendors install (it's a symfony2 project), I get:

Installing/Updating symfony
M src/Symfony/Bridge/Twig/Resources/views/Form/form_table_layout.html.twig
"symfony" has local modifications. Please revert or commit/push them before running this command again.

But I can't commit anymore as .git does not exist now. But even if I create another Git repository and then make a commit, I have always the same message.


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Try reverting local modifications, like advised:

cd vendor/symfony
git checkout .
cd ../..
php bin/vendors install

You're supposed to have one repository per vendor, so deleting the repository of your project won't affect these repositories.

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Perhaps there are more than one git repository? Try the following to see if there are other git repositories in the project:

$ cd /your/project/root
$ find . -name .git

Also check the environment variable GIT_DIR.

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