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I just posted this question jQuery - passing arrays in post request, where I don't to send arrays in post request, but there is no problem in jQuery code.

The problem is with receiving the POST request in django. I did like this.

def portfolio_add(request):
    ukeys = request.POST.getlist('ukeys')

But I'm getting ukeys values as u'[]'. When I checked with just request.POST I got the values as u"<QueryDict: {u'ukeys[]': [u'68c04', u'16149']}>"

So, How to get those values as a list in Django?


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jQuery POST's arrays with the [] suffix because PHP and some web frameworks understand that convention, and re-build the array on the server-side for you automatically. Django doesn't work that way, but you should be able to access the data via:

ukeys = request.POST.getlist('ukeys[]')
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Brilliant, thanks. This had me stumped for quite a while. –  Paul J Oct 20 at 20:25

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