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I need to convert time collected in milliseconds (e.g. 116124) to typical format of time like this: 03:12:32:04.

I don't know how to simple do it... Could you help me?

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use NSDateFormatter for this. –  Eimantas Jun 25 '12 at 13:49
You can use NSDateFormatter, but if you're starting with a time duration and not a date you have to do more tricks that it's worth. The modular division (ie, "remainder") approach described by Fellowsoft is simpler and more straight-forward. –  Hot Licks Jun 25 '12 at 15:10

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According to an Apple Dev forum linked here:


you have to do it yourself. Here is the function you can use that will return a formated string:

- (NSString *) formatInterval: (NSTimeInterval) interval{
unsigned long milliseconds = interval;
unsigned long seconds = milliseconds / 1000;
milliseconds %= 1000;
unsigned long minutes = seconds / 60;
seconds %= 60;
unsigned long hours = minutes / 60;
minutes %= 60;

NSMutableString * result = [NSMutableString new];

    [result appendFormat: @"%d:", hours];

[result appendFormat: @"%2d:", minutes];
[result appendFormat: @"%2d:", seconds];
[result appendFormat: @"%2d",milliseconds];

return result;
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