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Is it possible to show images in Skype chat window ?
(windows 7 Skype client)

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You can share your desktop using the windows desktop client (not Windows Modern), or drag and drop a image (or any file) into an IM window, or if you are using the iOS client do this - http://mashable.com/2012/08/21/skype-photo-sharing-update/

Update 7/9/14: More clients now support picture sharing in the chat: Xbox one, Windows Phone and iOS all have it now.

Update 09/10/14: Window and Mac too now (improved-skype-desktop-clients-for-a-dynamic-new-chat-experience)

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I think no, only you can share links to image, if you think on showing send image immediately, without download them.

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There's a discussion/plea for such a feature at the Skype Community. Also, there's this Feature Suggestion separately. Please support.

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If you are looking to share photos in real-time, the following tool allows for an online, collaborative slide show. I use it regularly to show pictures to my family over a skype session: http://www.photozzap.com/

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